Polls have shown that the average American believes he understands how to read labels, knows what proper portions look like, and has a relatively good sense of how many calories are in the foods he chooses to eat. If this is true..... then Americans are not utilizing the knowledge they claim to know. Otherwise, obesity and the secondary diseases it causes would not be creating the healthcare crisis we have. Somewhere in our evolution from Neanderthal to creative human to technological human, we have disconnected from our relationship with food as nourishment and foolishly connected to something that almost resembles medication and/or entertainment.

The American relationship with food has drifted away from eating whole foods prepared in the home to fast food dining, or buying items in the grocery store that are nutrient-depleted convenience foods. It seems that Americans have lost their sense of consciousness to the hypnotic marketing strategies of the food companies and have succumbed to being objectified as a consumer, not as wise spiritual beings having human experiences. What has happened to us?

I believe there is rarely one reason for any one success or failure. But with all the weight loss counselors, products, and advice available these days to make a change regarding food, the one component that is left out of the conversation is the subject of consciousness and spiritual well-being. People who are aware, conscious, and spiritual will recognize their bodies as a temple and as one of the greatest gifts from God. When people operate from their Divine Nature, their relationship with food is not an unconscious shoveling of food in the mouth, a form of medicine, or something they can't control; it is an easy, joyful nourishment they provide to their bodies in honor of the gift they know they have.


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